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Hawaiian Girl Botanicals The ancient Hawaiian people practiced healthy living by using only pure, natural and organic ingredients in the products they used. They believed that the roots, leaves twigs and flowers from many of their plants were all the medicine they needed to maintain a healthy life style.

Kauai Island - HawaiiMany of today's bath and beauty products are designed in chemical laboratories and use lower quality artificial ingredients. Hawaiian Girl products are designed for people looking for an old-world quality and integrity. Our products are made without dyes, synthetic essential oils, artificial fragrances or perfumes.

We use the purest essential oils from herbs, citrus, flowers, leaves and plant roots, and the highest quality natural, alcohol free moisturizers & hydrating sprays. Our bath salts are made from Alaea clay and Hawaiian evaporated sea salts harvested here from our islands salt ponds. Hawaiian Girl Botanicals were created on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauai. View our product pages to find out more about our Hawaiian body lotions, body mists or salt soaks available in five exquisite blends.

Hawaiian Girl Botanicals

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